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Currency Singapore Dollar
Language English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
Airport Changi International Airport
Best time to go Year round
Weather 25°C -32°C (Jan-Dec). More rain from Nov-Jan
Telephone area code No area code, just dial 8-digit no.
City transport MRT, bus and taxi


Singapore is situated in the Southeast Asia and is made up of the Singapore Island and about 60 smaller islands. With an area of just 655 square kilometers, Singapore may give an impression of a small island city but it packs in quite a punch and verve. A city, an island and a country, Singapore is all rolled into one. Singapore is amalgam of different cultures and traditions. This is perhaps what makes Singapore unique, vibrating and dynamic.

Singapore is also known as the Lion City and was founded in 1819 when Sir Stamford Raffles fearing Dutch expansionism argued for a larger British presence. Since then, Singapore's fortunes started swinging and it flourished as a trading British colony. After moving towards independent rule, Singapore has emerged as one of the dynamic and robust economies in Southeast Asia. Today, Singapore is the financial and technological hub of Southeast Asia. It has one of the world's busiest ports in terms of tonnage handled.

Singapore is one of the densely populated cities in the world, with about 6,430 people per square kilometer. The demographic profile of Singapore is a mix of Malays, Chinese and Indians. Singapore has four official languages- Mandarin, Tamil, Malay and English.

Singapore attracts millions of tourists every year from around the globe. Singapore is not only about scenic beauty, theme parks and bustling markets that attract tourists to Singapore. The Lion City also has an excellent infrastructure that adequately complements various tourist attractions in Singapore.


Singapore packs in lot of beauty and tourist attractions. There are various popular tourist places in Singapore that you can visit on your tour of Singapore .

Singapore River: This one is hard to miss on your date with Singapore. The Singapore River is one of the best ways to see and experience Singapore. Take a stroll along the river bank or jet set on a river cruise. A boat ride is another ideal option to cruise past Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, temples and other important landmarks of Singapore.

Arab St: This area has the grand Sultan Mosque, which is the largest and liveliest mosque in Singapore. But for beauty and grace, visit the tiny Malabar Muslim Jamaath Mosque. Arab St is the Muslim center popular for textile. Shop for batiks (dye with wax) from Indonesia, silk, sarongs, hajji caps, songkok hats and flower essences.

Chinatown: This is the area that peeps into the by gone days through its old temples, and decorated terraces. In the crowded streets of Chinatown, you may find fortunetellers, temple worshipers and calligraphers, all adding to fun and frolic.

Little India: India and all things Indian is what Little India is all about. Hindi film music and aroma of spicy Indian food in the air, and miniatures of Lord Ganesha in shops welcome you to Little India. This is one of the excellent places in Singapore to eat great vegetarian food.

Orchard Road: Shopping centers, hotels, nightspots, restaurants, bars and lounges. This is the action (shopping and entertainment) center in Singapore. The Orchard Road is the symbol of Singapore's modernity and material delight.

Sentosa Island: It is Singapore's one of the most visited attractions. There is lot to do and see in Sentosa Island. The island has aquariums, sporting facilities, museums beaches, walks, rides and food centers. You need more than one day to completely enjoy your tour to Sentosa Island.


You can travel to Singapore throughout the year as the city receives steady rainfall. However, it is best to coincide your visit during festivals and events. If shopping and eating tops your tour agenda visit during April-June. This time Singapore Food Festival and Great Singapore Sale is held. You can also visit in February during Thaipusam festival.


By Air: Changi International Airport connects Singapore with rest of the world. It is one of the most heavily trafficked airports, with wide range of facilities. The airport facilities include 24-hr meditation center and shopping arcade.

To enter into the city from the airport (20kms/ 12 miles), you can take a train, mostly referred as MRT (Mass Rapid Transport). You can also opt for bus or taxi.

From Malaysia: You can enter into Singapore from Malaysia by taking a bus or taxi. You can also take a train or ferry to reach Singapore from Malaysia.


Area 683 sq km